View to mountain panorama Fritzerkogel
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St. Martin am Tennengebirge in the Salzburger Land region - the "Nature Village"

Outdoor activities that allow you to discover nature as well as moments of pure happiness. The countryside around St. Martin am Tennengebirge is filled with variety and natural beauty, including the Lammertal Virgin Forest.

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Hiking with all your senses ...

"Pathway of Natural Wonders"
Hochsitz with view of the Fritzerkogel

One of the most beautiful hiking paths there is. It connects the town center of St. Martin with Lammertal village, offers beautiful views from the Schoberberg of Gosaukamm gorge (scenic path) and allows you to discover many different natural jewels in this idyllic paradise. 

Bud of a purple flower

From the Mountain Maple natural monument to the Haranger High Moor, which dates back to the Ice Age and is home to rare plants and orchids, then continuing to the Fir Bush natural monument (8 tree trunks that resemble a bush) and finally to Lammertal Virgin Forest, with the tallest trees in Austria. In Lammertal, we also recommend a tour taking you past the source of the River Lammer and the Lammertal Fish Ponds, or perhaps all the way back to the beautiful Aualm area at the valley head. 

"Imperial Tour"
Imperial Throne next to the Imperial Monument at Gasthof zur Post

Marvelous, historical tour (No. 73) from the imperial monument and throne at Genusswirt Gasthof zur Post, with a Maria Theresia concession, where once even the Habsburg imperial family partook of refreshments,

View of St. Martin from the Burgeggpalfen to the imperial monument at the Burgeggpalfen, with the most beautiful scenic view – including an imperial throne – overlooking the village of St. Martin.
"Lammertal Tour – Source of the Lammer"
Fishing pond in Lammertal

Hike around the source of the River Lammer in beautiful Lammertal, flanked by the imposing Tennengebirge and Hochschober mountains, with Lammertal Virgin Forest and the tallest trees in Austria.
Along the way, you will also come across the manmade Lammertal Fish Ponds, fed with purest mountain spring water, where you can also fish & grill as well as purchase top-quality trout. 

View of the Aualm area

This tour can also be extended with a hike to the picturesquely beautiful Lammertal valley head, the so-called Aualm area. We recommend starting out from the scenic lookout point next to Berghof Wildau, affording some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Lammertal, the Tennengbirge and Gosaukamm!