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St. Martin am Tennengebirge in the Salzburger Land region - the "Nature Village"

Outdoor activities that allow you to discover nature as well as moments of pure happiness. The countryside around St. Martin am Tennengebirge is filled with variety and natural beauty, including the Lammertal Virgin Forest.

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Trailside Huts in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Enjoy breaks for refreshments at some of the most beautiful huts in Salzburger Land
Panoramic mountains views from the lookout point at the Karalm

Hikers love to stop in at trailside mountain huts in St. Martin, where they can sit down and recharge their batteries with the help of homemade cheeses, bacon, farmhouse bread and butter. 

Aside from the mouthwatering homemade products, you will also be treated to magical panoramic views of the alpine peaks which flank Lammertal Valley.

“The journey is its own reward”. And once you have taken that first step, it is impossible to escape the fascination of nature and the sense of pure happiness that comes from being active in the great outdoors. 


Mountain Huts in St. Martin

Buttermilchalm ( 1.130 m)
View of the Buttermilchalm

Buttermilchalm lies about 150 vertical meters above St. Martin, and can be reached via two different paths. The view of town, as well as of the craggy Gosaukamm ridgeline, is very impressive.

Owner:  Josef Gstatter

Phone: +43 6463 / 7279
Staffed: year-round, overnight accommodations possible
Website: www.buttermilchalm.at


Höllalm (1.150 m)
View of the Höllalm

The Höllalm can be reached in about one hour, either along a meadow lane or the newly built hiking path. The view of the Ostermais, with the mighty Tennengebirge in the background, is quite unique.

Owner: Hubert Höll
Phone: +43 6463 / 7405
Staffed: year-round, closed Mondays

Spießalm ( 1.100 m)
View of the Höllalm

The Spiessalm lies about half way to the “Lammertal Virgin Forest”, site of the tallest trees in Austria, and is also one of the 3 “Tennengau Cheese Huts” in St. Martin. The various cheeses, which Marianne creates in the hut’s own cheese dairy, are a special treat.

Owner: Matthäus  Lanner
Phone: +43 664 / 99 17 857 
Staffed: beginning of June until the end of September
Website: www.spiessalm.at

Schöberlalm (1.330 m)
View of the Schöberlalm

For most of the way, the path leading to the Schöberlalm offers magnificent views of the Tennengebirge mountains. The petting zoo at the hut is especially exciting for the youngest hikers.  Your hut host, Friedl Lindmoser, will treat you to homemade leberkäse, along with a selection of sausages and cheeses.

Owner: Reinfried Lindmoser
Phone: +43 664 / 49 31 051
Staffed: beginning of June until the end of September, overnight accommodations possible

Karalm ( 1.438 m)
View of the Karalm

The lush meadows surrounding the hut, along with the sunny terrace, invite you to sit down and relax for a while. Enjoy a timeout just for yourself, find inner peace, and all of that with wonderfully liberating scenery before your eyes – this is what the lookout point close to the Karalm in St. Martin, at 1450 m above sea level, offers you, accompanied by glorious panoramas of the valley below. Be sure to sample their delicious farmhouse doughnuts, which are personally made fresh right here at the hut.

Owner: Cyriak Steiner
Phone: +43 664 / 13 59 081
Staffed: May to early October
Website: www.karalm-stmartin.at


Schwarzeneggalm (1.410 m)
View of the Schwarzeneggalm

The rustic Schwarzeneggalm stands at a magnificent lookout point, not far from the Frommerkogel. In good visibility, you will be treated to the sight of the Hohe Tauern range including the Grossglockner (3,798 m) – the highest mountain in Austria.

Owner: Matthias Untersteiner
Phone: +43 664 / 98 69 786
Staffed: mid-June until late September

Ostermaisalm ( 1.380 m)
View of the Ostermaisalm

The Ostermaisalm lies half way up the Ostermaisspitz, the local mountain right outside St. Martin. The flat meadow surrounding the hut is a welcome place to rest after the challenging hike up.

Owner: Gstatter Family
Phone: +43 6463 / 7483
Not staffed.

Langeckalm (1.360 m)

The Langeckalm lies at the crossing point of several St. Martin hiking paths. The views of the surrounding mountain groups is quite overwhelming. 

Owner: Matthias Diegruber
Phone: +43 6463 / 7297
Not staffed.

Huts in the Surrounding Area

Sittleralm (1.095 m)
View of the Sittleralm

The Sittleralm is a great hiking destination for families and pleasant to reach. The spacious sun-terrace provides plenty of room for hours of outdoor relaxation.

Owner: Rudolf Scheibner
Phone: +43 664 / 49 47 249
Staffed: from the beginning of July until the end of September & from mid-December depending on snow conditions.
Closed Tuesdays in summer.

Halmgut ( 1.089 m)
Panoramic views from the Halmgut

The Halmgut lies south of St. Martin, on an alpine saddle between the Österreichberg and Plattenberg. If you are enjoying a hike around the Österreichberg, this is a pleasant place for a refreshment stop.

Owner: Josef Unterberger
Phone: +43 6458 / 8090
Staffed: year-round, closed Mondays, overnight accommodations possible 
Website: www.halmgut.at

Loseggalm (1.400 m)

The 400-year-old Langfeldhütte offers a cozy dining room for 20 – 30 people. Around the hut, there are also several tables and benches where you can kick back and enjoy refreshments.

Owner: Family Kendlbacher 
Phone: +43 664 / 442 66 19
Staffed: mid-June until late September,
accommodations for as many as 20 people possible
Website: www.loseggalm.at

Mahdalm (1.539 m)
View of the Mahdalm

The alpine pastures of the Mahdalm at 1,539 m above sea level – where you will also discover the hut of the same name – are impossible to miss during this hiking tour. Enjoy the tranquility, peace and breathtaking views of the entire mountain world of Salzburger Land.

Owner: Maria Höll
Phone: +43 (0) 664 / 916 63 03
Staffed: from end-May until late September, overnight accommodations possible.

Stuhlalm (1.467 m)
Sunset at the Stuhlalm

The Stuhlalm lies on the western side of the Gosaukamm, with fantastic views of the northern cliffs of the Bischofsmütze. The alpine pastures here are characterized by diverse flora and fauna.

Owner: Albert Quehenberger (tenant)
Phone: + 43 (0) 664/113 11 52
Staffed: mid-May until the end of October 
Website: www.stuhlalm.at

Theodor-Körner-Hütte (1.458 m)
View of the Theodor Körner Hütte

This hut stands on the south side of the Gosaukamm, and is a popular destination for bikers as well as families. A children’s playground, as well as a sunny terrace with views of the Hohe Tauern stretching from the Grossglockner to the Grossvenediger. 

Owner: Martin and Dori Herzog (tenants)
Phone: +43 (0) 680/221 60 24
Staffed: beginning of June until October, overnight accommodations possible. 
Website: koerner-huette.at


View of the Rottenhofhütte

This 400-year-old hut is nestled amid the alpine basin of the Riedlkaralm, at the foot of the Donnerkogel, in a magnificent and peaceful setting. An idyllic place to enjoy a few hours of sunshine and leave the daily routine far behind. From the sun terrace, guests can take in the fabulous mountain views.

Owner: Family Hirscher 
Phone: +43 (0) 664 / 145 42 01
Staffed: from mid-May until mid-October  
Website: www.rottenhofhuette.at


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