Eating Out in “Genussregion Tennengau”
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St. Martin am Tennengebirge in the Salzburger Land region - the "Nature Village"

Outdoor activities that allow you to discover nature as well as moments of pure happiness. The countryside around St. Martin am Tennengebirge is filled with variety and natural beauty, including the Lammertal Virgin Forest.

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Eating Out in the Tennengau Region
Enjoy great food amid glorious nature, in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

The wide variety of options for eating out in St. Martin am Tennengebirge, at local restaurants and inns as well as mountain huts, are a special highlight for guests and locals alike. Traditional huts and country inns invite you to stop in to enjoy a good meal and a chat with fellow diners.

The rich selection of dining opportunities ranges from hearty local favorites, to Italian and Mexican food, as well as famous Austrian desserts.
All certain to give your taste buds a treat they won’t soon forget.

Products from Genussregion Tennengau

Natural, regional and delectable products are also available for purchase at the “Echt guat” and “Grübl’s Naturgartl” farm shops. 

Offering the very best homemade and regional products, you will always find everything you might possibly wish for during your holidays.

Genussregion Tennengau
Hill cheese from Genussregion Tennengau ((c) / Lackner)

St. Martin am Tennengebirge is part of “Genussregion Tennengau”, a culinary region famous for its delicious selection of regional specialties. Regionality, tradition and top quality are the constant priority for all products bearing the “Genussregion Tennengau” label.

Each of Austria’s “Genussregionen” is famous for its characteristic products. In Tennengau – which also goes for St. Martin, of course – these products are Tennengau Hill Cheese and Tennengau Mountain Lamb.

Gourmet Weeks in Tennengau

From mid- until the end of May, “Genussregion Tennengau” hosts “Tennengau Genusswochen”, during which partner businesses invite guests to come and enjoy a wide variety of special events with a culinary theme.

Dining Tips in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Our Cheese Huts
Die Spießalm - bekannt für ihre Käsespezialitäten aus der Bio-Käserei

The idyllic Spiessalm is located just below the Lammertal Virgin Forest. Your host, Marianne Lanner, will treat you to delicious homemade cheese specialties from her own organic dairy.

TIP: Sample the delicious Alm-Jaus'n or freshly made French toast, all the while enjoying magnificent views of the Tennengbeirge mountains.

  • Spiessalm

Phone. +43 664/557 39 69

The Karalm in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

With the imposing scenery of the Tennengebirge as the backdrop, homemade products simply taste twice as good. Allow Silvia and Cyriak Steiner to spoil you with doughnuts, bacon and cheese.

TIP: After your meal, sample one of their home-distilled schnapps!

  • Karalm

Phone. +43 664 135 90 81

The Schöberalm in St. Martin from 1938

The Schöberalm is something special – built in 1938, they still practice the tradition of making butter in a hand-churn.  Helene and Reinfried Lindmoser also treat their guests to bacon, leberkäse and sausage, all of which they have produced themselves.

TIP: Spend a night at the hut in the “mattress dorm”, which accommodates up to 25 guests.

  • Schöberalm

Phone. +43 664 493 10 51

Hotel Gasthof Post
Delectable dining experiences at Gasthof Post in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Hotel Gasthof Post, which stands in the center of St. Martin am Tennengebirge, will treat you to traditional, freshly prepared dishes. Of course, they only use carefully selected ingredients from the immediate region.

  • Gasthof  Post

Phone. +43 6463 7218
Closed Wednesdays

Via Culinaria

The Via Culinaria actually comprises 8 different “Culinary Pathways”, which lead through Salzburger Land, including through the Tennengau Region as well as St. Martin, of course. Set out on a journey of culinary exploration through Salzburg, and discover the amazing variety of Austrian cuisine.

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