Fun at seepark in St. Martin am Tennengebirge
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St. Martin am Tennengebirge in the Salzburger Land region - the "Nature Village"

Outdoor activities that allow you to discover nature as well as moments of pure happiness. The countryside around St. Martin am Tennengebirge is filled with variety and natural beauty, including the Lammertal Virgin Forest.

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Seepark St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Refreshing fun in the water, in an organic swimming lake
Jumping into the cool-refreshing waters of the swimming lake in St. Martin

Dive into the cool, wet waters of the Seepark.

What’s an absolute must during any summer vacation?
A lake to swim in, of course, filled with crystal-clear water, providing a welcome cool-down on hot summer’s days. The recreation area at Seepark St. Martin offers this and much more. It attracts guests with many attractions, promising all kinds of variety, relaxation and recreation during summer holidays in Salzburger Land:

  • Organic swimming lake with regeneration system
  • 6,700 m² water area
  • 17,000 m³ of spring water with exceptional quality
  • Recreation park
  • 900 m of floodlit footpaths & 450 m² boardwalks
  • Floodlit fountains
  • Fun water slide
  • Small-child play area
  • Kids’ adventure castle
  • Beach-volleyball court
  • Lake Restaurant | Pizzeria
Further information about admission prices during summer season 2016 can be found here» 

With the Tennengau Plus Card, guests in St. Martin enjoy free admission to the Seepark after 3 p.m. during their stay. One all-day admission is also included during your holiday here.
Panoramic view of the swimming lake in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

After a hike through the mountains of Salzburger Land or perhaps a mountain-bike tour, you are bound to be ready to cool off a bit. The Seepark in St. Martin is a great experience for the whole family, featuring a restaurant, beach-volleyball court, playground and swimming area for kids.
Furthermore, the organic swimming lake also has exceptional water quality: fresh spring water from the mountains of Austria, without chemical additives.

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