Nordic Walking in St. Martin am Tennengebirge / Salzburger Land
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St. Martin am Tennengebirge in the Salzburger Land region - the "Nature Village"

Outdoor activities that allow you to discover nature as well as moments of pure happiness. The countryside around St. Martin am Tennengebirge is filled with variety and natural beauty, including the Lammertal Virgin Forest.

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Running & Nordic Walking im Lammertal
Walk in the “Nature Village”, St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Explore the nature paradise surrounding St. Martin with your mind totally clear of distractions.

The magical countryside in St. Martin am Tennengebirge, with its running and Nordic-walking trails, is ideally suited for those seeking a counterbalance to the stresses of daily life. On a total of 9 different running and Nordic-walking routes, rookie runners and “pros” find precisely what they need to relax and enjoy a great workout.

Running improves fitness, and the alpine elevations of St. Martin make an important contribution as well.
With Nordic walking, you are gentler on your joints and able to enjoy the picturesque nature of the Salzburg mountains to the full.


Running & Nordic-Walking Routes in St. Martin
Map of running trails & Nordic -walking routes in St. Martin am Tennengebirge
  • Route 1: Berlinerweg / warm-up tour – 2.6 km - easy
  • Route 2: Seepark Tour – 0.5 km - easy
  • Route 3: Forest Path – 4.5 km - easy/moderate
  • Route 4: Österreichberg Path
  • Route 5: Haselanger Path – 12.5 km - hard
  • Route 6: Buttermilchalm Path – 4.5 km - moderate/hard
  • Route 7: Panoramaweg - 8km - easy/moderate
  • Route 8: St. Martin- Lammertal Path
  • Route 9: Lammertal Path - 4km- easy
Strength Workouts on the Fitness Parkour
Fitness pyramid at the Seepark in St. Martin

In order to strengthen and stretch your muscles, you are welcome to use our fitness parkour at the Seepark.

Aside from improving your cardiovascular system, it’s also important to strengthen and stretch your muscles: Toned and well-trained muscles don’t only protect you from injury, they also prevent unpleasant wear-and-tear on your spine and joints. And the positive side-effect, of course, is that it also helps improve your physical proportions!